Serge is a IFBB  Pro Bodybuilder, Prep Coach, Personal Trainer to people of all fitness levels, Weight training expert  with over 20 years of  experience, he has profound knowledge of training, supplements and nutrition programs. From his Master's in Sport Exercise Science from UCLA  to the most hardcore gyms in America and Europe, Serge has devoted  entire career to experimentation on the science of muscle building and fitness. Serge is dedicated to giving you all that knowledge and experience in one science-based program. Whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, gain strength, or completely transform your physique, Serge has a complete training and nutrition plan for you. If you're totally serious about changing your physique and getting into amazing SHAPE, CALL for all the details.    


Serge is considered the expert of training. He has not only been a competitive athlete since a young age, Serge has also trained many of top level athletes as well as non-athletes who just want the edge. Private training with Serge will give you the know-how and the results you’ve been looking for. You will finally see the progress that you’ve wanted for so long. Serge is an expert at identifying patterns that may limit your results and progress. He is world renowned for his many innovative training techniques, as well as his ability to develop top quality effective training programs for his clients. People who have set workout appointments with a Serge are more likely to be consistent with their workout program and this commitment produces much better results. Serge has the rare ability to apply his knowledge on an individual basis for each and every client. Some of Serge's clients include Cyrus Kouandjio (pro football player) Aaron Clark (IFBB pro Bodybuilder) Nicole Ayala (IFBB pro Bikini) and many others. 


As always, Serge’ focus is on his clients specific goals, needs and desires. With Serge guiding you, you will get the results you want. Most everyone has some sort of muscular imbalance in their body due to pervious injury, or just the fast paced world in which we live. Serge is an expert at identifying patterns that may limit your results and progress. With a fitness master like Serge at your side, your progress is within reach. Serge offers a complete body analysis services. He will give you a detailed understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a focused workout regime to follow in order to make the progress you need. Your cardiovascular program is personalized, based on your personal fitness level and your  unique response to exercise. You will achieve maximum efficiency in cardiovascular training and fat burning a must for better, faster and easier results. Your body fat-loss goals will be easier to achieve as you will be training in your optimal fat and sustainable calorie burn zone. You will identify your optimal exercise intensity level and avoid diminished results from under or overtraining.


Serge offer personalized Supplements & Nutritional programs Initial consultation for dietary evaluation consisting of reviewing your current program and the development of a new plan, helpful hints, support, and explanations of content. Supplementation review and suggestions.