Foods to Avoid

Foods to Avoid

Sep 12 2016

A general rule for weight loss is to always avoid fried foods, limit liquid calories, eliminate sweets and simple sugars, lift weights, and perform intervals for cardio training. All of these are done in order to decrease body fat which is the main culprit hiding our coveted abs. 

e are done in order to decrease body fat which is the main culprit hiding our coveted abs. 

The body needs a supply of good fats, but fried foods and saturated fats do not provide these. The good fats found in salmon, and nuts are what the body needs. Aside from a protein shake, liquid calories are usually not nutritious. Liquid calories include regular soda, juices, and alcoholic beverages. Again, these are calories that your body can do without. 

Carbohydrates are important for muscle growth and general function, but not all carbs are created equal. Brown rice is a good carb, but a jelly donut is not. Cookies, cakes, and desserts are full of simple sugars which wreak havoc on your metabolism and negative affect your ability to lean out. 


Strength training maintains, or increases muscle mass and thus increases the amount of calories the body burns while performing any activity, including rest. Interval training is (ie 5 minute warm up, then 45 seconds hard, 1 minute easy for 20 minutes, and 5 minute cool down) is much better for burning calories than the standard 30 minutes of cardio at the same pace. In addition to this, the following tips will help you be show (or even beach) ready. 

  • Broccoli and beans tend to increase the amount of gas production and fill the belly thus preventing a nice defined look. Try to decrease the consumption of these items as your special day comes near.

  • Milk products can also increase bloating and cause stomach discomfort in some people and should thus be avoided. The sugar from milk tends to negatively affect the body's ability to get really lean and minimize body fat.

  • Eating fast can cause an increase in air consumption which may give the belly a little bulge. Remember to take small, slow bites in order to minimize the amount of air that ends up in your gut. 

  • Spicy foods can cause an upset stomach and with that usually comes bloating and general ill feelings that do not allow one to maintain hard, flexed abs. 

  • Water consumption is important, but in order to maintain the shredded look, you need to be dehydrated so that the skin will really shrink wrap around the muscles and show clean definition. Care must be taken when consuming foods with high carbohydrate content. For example, fruit is very high in water content and thus will not allow the body to be dehydrated enough to show the necessary definition.

The above hints are useful for a competition, a photo shoot, or any other special event. They are not practical to follow everyday, nor is it necessary. By continually training, having a good nutritional plan, and keeping the body fat as low as possible, it is easy to get shredded quickly. Do not beat your self up if you are not always ready to be on stage. 

The body needs to be fully fueled and properly hydrated in order to continue to perform the things you ask it to do. Normal everyday function as well as optimum training and recovery can not be done following the rules of getting shredded. Pick what phase you want your body to be (off season, building mass, leaning out) and follow the appropriate guidelines to success.